Have Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes Broken Up?


Can you believe it’s been roughly six years since Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes reportedly began dating? While neither of them has confirmed the alleged relationship, their love for each other seems pretty clear. The two are often seen with their hands around each other, and the way they look at each other is serious #RelationshipGoals.

But is there trouble in paradise? As of late, Foxx has been seen on several occasions with two women, neither of whom is the Dawson’s Creek alum. It might make you wonder: Did Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes break up? Here’s more on what’s been happening lately.

According to Us Weekly, the Ray actor went out with two women during the week of Aug. 11. He was first seen out with a “blonde mystery woman.” On Aug. 15, they reportedly visited a restaurant and lounge in Hollywood called the Delilah and Highlight Room.

Later in the week, Foxx was seen out with a second, “brunette” woman. The two reportedly hit up a West Hollywood nightclub and left holding hands. Us Weekly reports that he drove while she rode shotgun.

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