Helicopter crashes into New York City building


The deceased pilot has been identified as Tim McCormack, according to law enforcement sources.

His family has been notified, according to one source.

Based on interviews the NYPD conducted at the 34th Street heliport on Manhattan’s east side, the pilot was waiting out weather but for whatever reason decided it was OK to go, according to a law enforcement source.

The New York Fire Department has concluded their operations at the site of the helicopter crash in midtown Manhattan.

“The NTSB, the FAA, (and) the New York City Police Department are all on the scene to do their investigation, and our operations have concluded at this time,” said Thomas Richardson, chief of fire operations.

Lt. Adrienne Walsh, one of the department’s first responders, described the roof scene as “a debris field that was on fire” in a news conference.

“So I immediately got on the radio to let command know what we had on the roof so they down below could start sending the appropriate resources up to us on the roof,” she said.

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