Hot Travel Trend – More Great New Glamping Resorts For Your Trips


Glamping – “glamorous camping” – was already a hot and growing trend before the coronavirus pandemic. Many of the country’s top glamping resorts are brand new, just opened or about to open, and they have not all been built since this March – they were already well underway. But the surging demand is certainly being driven by the pandemic, as the entire travel landscape has changed dramatically.

As a result, glamping is now perfectly positioned at the intersection of several current wish list wants for travelers: it is perfect for driving road trips at a time when many want to avoid flying; offers freestanding private accommodations with lots of personal space and no shared elevators or indoor gathering places; features outdoor living with immediate access to fresh air and recreation; has resort-like amenities and activities. Suddenly all of these key features are available nationwide in a turkey way that can be enjoyed without any camping equipment or experience – plus hot showers.

This is my third recent piece on the glamping phenomena. First, I covered several of the nation’s best and newest glamping resorts around the country, many at or near National Parks. Then I showcased Collective Retreats, a growing glamping brand with several resorts, including those much closer to big population centers like Austin, San Antonio, Denver – and even one in the middle of New York City.

Today I have rounded up several more high-profile options including another multi-location glamping resort chain. The two best known in the country have been Under Canvas, which I included in my first article and has seven resorts, all near major National Parks and Monuments, and Collective Retreats. But there is also Huttopia, the biggest of them all – except that most of its properties are in France. The Europeans beat us to the glamping trend, and Huttopia has two decades of experience and more than 40 locations all across France, from the Alps to the southern coast, as well as in the Netherlands. The interesting thing about this is if you try one of their North American resorts and love it, you can put French glamping on your post-pandemic travel list.

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