Houston man becomes first charged for violating new bump stock ban


The Carolinas are already seeing the effects of Hurricane Dorian, with hundreds of thousands losing power as the storm’s rain and wind intensified.

A Texas man was the first charged for violating the new bump stock ban.

Meanwhile, Trump continued to repeat his false claim that the storm was projected to hit Alabama when he tweeted about the alleged threat to the state on Sunday. He even got an advisor to release a statement backing him up.

The Trump administration released a plan to privatize Fannie and Freddie.

The administration also continued in its rollback of environmental laws. After reversing energy-saving lightbulb rules, Trump is planning to make it harder for states to set extra stringent automobile gas mileage standards.

The Government Accountability Office said Trump’s interior department violated the law in keeping national parks open during the government shutdown.

Trump’s special envoy for the Middle East, Jason Greenblatt, is resigning even though the Israeli-Palestinian peace plan he has been working on with Jared Kushner remains unreleased.
A Mother Jones investigation revealed that a mysterious $50m debt held by Trump may signal tax fraud.

Joe Biden is continuing with a fundraiser co-hosted by the co-founder of a natural gas company, despite activists’ complaints that the event violates the spirit of “No Fossil Fuel Money Pledge,” which Biden has signed.

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