How Packers can fix Aaron Rodgers’ apparent rift with Mike McCarthy


If Green Bay Packers president Mark Murphy is really the guy in charge of all phases of the franchise’ operations, he should be ordering quarterback Aaron Rodgers and coach Mike McCarthy into his office for a clear-the-air meeting.

There aren’t two people in the organization who hold the fate of the 2018 season in their hands more than Rodgers and McCarthy. If they can’t work out an apparent rift themselves, then Murphy should step in.

Rodgers might have been speaking out of frustration Sunday after the game when he called the offensive performance in a 22-0 victory over Buffalo “terrible” and questioned the game plan. But it appeared he was also sending a message through the media to McCarthy that things aren’t right.

If the lines of communication between the two were open, he wouldn’t have felt it necessary to express his dissatisfaction publicly.

It’s not always a bad thing to reveal internal disputes to the public because it brings it to the fore and forces both parties to deal with it. If not addressed, it might just fester, and turn into a season killer.

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