How the New York Giants and Oakland Raiders blew it on draft night


Fans of the Giants and Raiders sat through a tumultuous 2018 season with the promise that, come draft night, all the pain and suffering would pay off with a bunch of new stars and a launchpad to the future.

Woof. The Giants selected Duke quarterback Daniel Jones with the sixth overall pick, passing on any non-Kyler Murray signal-caller and any other potential All-Pro who could fill the crater-sized talent hole in their roster.

A year after passing up on the slightly raw, uber-talented Sam Darnold, the Giants selected the very raw, somewhat talented Jones – making it possible that the Jets are now the smartest football operation in New York.

Jones is a classic traits v production prospect. His performances in 2018 were, to be kind, wobbly. He completed a tick over 60% of his throws, averaged less than seven yards per attempt, threw just 22 touchdowns in 11 games and showed all the scary signs of an early-draft pick flop: arm arrogance, erratic decision making, and perilous pocket awareness.

Detractors point to an ever-growing line of quarterback prospects with outrageous physical gifts who struggled with the most essential part of playing the most important position in sports: throwing the ball to your own guys.