How to Travel Green This Holiday Season


Green for the Holidays

There’s no way around it: travel impacts the environment. From carbon emissions to plastic airport forks, travelers have their own effects on global environmental health. Although travel is peaking during holiday periods, there are several ways those setting out on adventures this holiday season can reduce or offset the impacts associated with their travel.

Wait to Wrap Gifts

The Transportation Security Administration advises travelers not to wrap gifts in case they have to be unwrapped during screening inspections—and this applies to both carryon and checked luggage. Travelers can reduce paper waste by waiting to wrap gifts until arriving at their destinations. Or better yet, by using reusable gift bags or boxes.

Travel With Reusable Toiletry Containers

Travelers who aren’t staying in hotels during their travels and prefer to travel with their own toiletries should consider purchasing reusable toiletry containers instead of buying travel-sized versions of their favorite brands. Not only does it save money (travel-sized toiletries are priced for convenience), it also saves the packaging and byproduct of producing such tiny package sizes.

Take Reusable Cups and Utensils

Takeout meals are nearly ubiquitous among travelers, particularly with liquids and gels restricted through airport security checkpoints. While it’s always greener to take your own food, travelers can at the very least cut down on their use of single-use plastics by taking their own reusable utensils, cups, water bottles and drinking straws (or going strawless entirely).

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