How to travel the world for free


Go one better than the multi-ticket train trick…

It’s around now that the big summer trip starts beckoning. The UK sunshine has faltered after much promise, the end of term is fast approaching and the rest of the office is starting to point out that they won’t be in next month’s meeting.

It’s time for a holiday. There’s only one issue – the cash.

So what do you do? While here in the UK rail bosses have reluctantly admitted that there are cheaper ways to travel (by splitting your journey into different tickets, as we already knew), we thought it was high time to go the whole hog and explore the options for totally free holidays that can do a little better than a damp trip to Birmingham New Street.

Be a leader

The standard advice for those after a free holiday is to get involved in a working one. There are certainly plenty of varied and compelling options out there, ranging from well-established TEFL programmes for the budding English teachers among you, to volunteering on organic farms through Wwoof in return for bed and board in some of the most remote or recognisable spots on Earth depending on your personal preference.

Durations range from a few weeks to months or even years. Many are reliable, fun, cheap and worthwhile.
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