How You Can Travel With Your Favorite Celebrity in 2020


This year, instead of going on a solo journey, why not pair up with your favorite celebrity for a global adventure? The Luminary Experiences by travel company Discover 7 can help.

The company’s new tailored trips around the world will all be led by select “Luminaries,” or experts who represent the very best in their respective fields. These travelers, the company explained in a statement, are “some of the greatest minds and personalities across the culinary, wellness, athletic, political, and entertainment spaces today.” And they all want to vacation with you.

“Our ultimate vision in launching the Luminary Experiences is to connect people to some of the biggest names in today’s cultural arena through shared interests, while providing new and thrilling experiences that money alone cannot buy,” Eric Grayson, chairman and co-founder of the company, said in a statement.

“After years spent planning essentially the same travel itineraries over and over again for travelers seeking exclusive trips, I reached a point where I kept dreaming and thinking bigger,” Cameron MacMillan, co-founder of Luminary Experiences, added. “I found myself constantly questioning and challenging the culturally accepted norms and limits of possibility when it came to luxury travel, and decided to attempt breaking the barriers into next-level personalized travel, which ultimately led to the conception of the Luminary Experiences.”

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