‘I am the chosen one’: From Denmark to migrants, Trump wildly offloads


Donald Trump suggested dramatic constitutional changes and claimed to be “the chosen one”, on a day when he lurched from insulting allies to claiming American Jews who vote Democrat are being disloyal to a foreign country.

In day extraordinary even by his standards, the US president delivered a remarkable series of statements, veering from quasi-authoritarian proposals for serving more than two terms to apparently humorous suggestions that he should be awarded the Medal of Honor – despite his repeated draft deferrals.

Along the way he managed to call the prime minister of Denmark – a key Nato ally – “nasty” for refusing to discuss selling him Greenland, and approvingly retweeted a description of himself as “King of Israel” and “the second coming of God”, adding: “Wow!” He also:

unveiled new rules that allow the US government to detain migrant families indefinitely while their asylum cases are judged

blamed Barack Obama for his own family separation policy

boasted about how much he was loved by survivors of mass shootings

insisted that the second amendment, guaranteeing gun ownership, would “stay strong”

said Russian president Vladimir Putin had “made a living” of outsmarting Obama

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