In Super Bowl 52, No One Has More on the Line Than Malcolm Butler


MINNEAPOLIS—There’ll be more on the line tonight than a trophy. If history holds, bags of cash could be too—starring on this stage has, in the past, been prelude to big paydays for impending free agents.

And so it is that there’s a shot at redemption staring Malcolm Butler in the face.

The hero of Super Bowl XLIX, and the No. 1 corner for the Super LI champions, Butler has been neither a savior nor the best player on his own team at his position this year. What’s interesting is that, a few days before the game, he was more than willing to admit it.

“Anything that happened to me is my fault,” Butler said in a quiet moment on Thursday. “It has nothing to do with anything else, it’s possible to just have a s—-y season. It is what it is. I’m just worried about the Eagles.”

We’ve seen it in the past, for sure.

Larry Brown went from a Cowboys backup to Kevin Smith’s fill-in to a Raider and millionaire after his two picks in Super Bowl XXX. The next year Desmond Howard joined him after getting his own payday in Oakland on the heels of his 99-yard kickoff return touchdown that gave the Packers their final points in winning Super Bowl XXXI.

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