Incredibly, Conor McGregor may profit from his farcical fight with Nurmagomedov


In the last six months, Conor McGregor has faced prison, taunted his opponent’s religion, country and father, and been comfortably beaten by a superior opponent. Somehow, it’s plausible to argue he has walked away a winner.

On a night when more people were projected to watch a UFC event than ever before, Khabib Nurmagomedov retained his lightweight title after a dominant performance against the Irishman. However, while Nurmagomedov’s in-cage performance was flawless, his post-fight antics tarnished one of the biggest nights in the promotion’s history.

Moments after clinching the fighting-ending choke and forcing McGregor to tap out, Nurmagomedov scaled the octagon cage and launched himself at McGregor’s team. A brawl ensued between the two sides, with fans surrounding the scene and police officers attempting to restore order. Three members of Nurmagomedov’s team were reportedly arrested for attacking McGregor, though none of their identities have been confirmed. All three were quickly released when it was clear that McGregor had no intention of pressing charges.

While the UFC is unlikely to take responsibility for the brawl on Saturday, it is clear that it helped set the stage for the embarrassing melee through its longstanding endorsement of McGregor’s promotional antics.

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