Inside the Palace’s Problem With Meghan Markle’s Dad


Since becoming an official member of the royal family this May, Meghan Markle hasn’t stepped one Aquazzura-clad foot out of line.

Sure, a lot has been made of her so-called faux pas—her hesitation when climbing into a waiting sedan with Queen Elizabeth II, that time she briefly crossed her legs instead of her ankles and her ever-so-slight stumble when attending the wedding of Prince Harry’s cousin.

But by all accounts, the American-born former actress has gracefully slid into life in The Firm, studying up on local charities she’d like to work with, adopting a wardrobe of knee-length hems and fascinators and even perfecting an ever-so-slight British accent. She is, as husband Harry once predicted, “unbelievably good at the job part of it.”

Her family, however, save for her exceptionally poised mother Doria Ragland, is leaving much to be desired. Once it became clear to Meghan that her romance with Harry would lead to a diamond, a title and life in Kensington Palace, her chief fear wasn’t about giving up her Hollywood dream for a life of largesse. Nor was she particularly concerned with the intense scrutiny that would follow or abiding by a lengthy list of rules. Rather, she was most worried about “relatives who’ve screwed her over,” a source told Us Weekly. “It’s the one thing she’s struggled with most since meeting Harry, especially after the engagement.”

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