Inside the popular island paradise that houses one of the world’s most active volcanoes


Stromboli is the most remote of Italy’s seven Aeolian Islands. But behind it’s azure blue waters and white sands, it houses a stunning attraction.

Nestled off the coast of Italy, surrounded by azure blue waters and white sandy beaches, the island of Stromboli is an Instagrammer’s dream paradise.But sitting among the quiet island of 300 full-time residents, a constant ticking time bomb also calls the speck of land home.

For nearly 90 years, visitors and those who permanently live on Stromboli have become accustomed to the rumbles that disturb the 12sq m island framed by the Tyrrhenian Sea.As the most remote of Italy’s seven Aeolian Islands, the deadly volcanic mountain rises 924m from the sea and extends more than 1000m below.

Earlier this year, the inevitable happened. Two strong explosions, separated by 30 seconds, were recorded at Stromboli’s summit.

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