Issa Rae can now be your Google Assistant


If you’ve ever heard Issa Rae’s voice in your head during an awkward moment in life, here’s some good news: Now, you can have the gift of her wisdom any time you want.

The comedian, writer and producer is the new voice of Google Assistant, joining singer John Legend as one of the service’s limited-time celebrity voice cameos.

Like other virtual assistants, Google Voice Assistant can aid with everything from questions about the current weather to delivering motivational messages.

“I was in talks to do this last year and was just really intrigued, like, ‘What? They want my voice? Why?'” Rae, the star of HBO’s “Insecure,” told CNN. “Then, you know, I realized that I use Google Assistant frequently anyway and just thought about how cool it would be to do.”

Rae said she went through “a pretty intensive process” that involved her spending many hours in a recording booth, “saying various sentences that did not make any sense” and “so many words that I have never ever pronounced before.”

“I’m just so used to reading them. So you’re like, ‘Oh, I’ve never actually had to say this word out loud,'” she said. “It was unique. I’d never done anything like that before.”

A paranoid person would, perhaps, have apprehensions about having hours of their voice recorded and virtually stored, seeing as how far less material has been used for nefarious purposes in countless crime television shows and movies. This suggestion made Rae laugh, but she admitted, “yes, definitely those thoughts crossed my mind.”

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