Jason Witten: Jerry Jones comments on Cowboys ‘completely fair’


The pointed comments made by owner and general manager Jerry Jones about the Dallas Cowboys coaching staff after Sunday’s loss to the New England Patriots have not affected the players in the locker room.

“Passion, emotion, the energy he brings, that is Line 1 for Mr. Jones, I feel like from my perspective,” tight end Jason Witten, who has played 16 years for the Cowboys, said Tuesday. “He wants to win. He expects to win. He feels like he’s put a great team together, which he has, and we haven’t played to our expectations of where we should be. That’s completely fair. I think it’s just the raw emotion of it all. He’s been around a lot of great football and knows what he wants it to look like.”

After the game, Jones called Patriots coach Bill Belichick “masterful” and said the 13-9 loss was a “significant setback,” while calling into question the Dallas coaching staff, particularly with special teams after a blocked punt led to the game’s only touchdown.

“With the makeup of this team, I shouldn’t be this frustrated,” Jones said after the loss.

Over the past two days, head coach Jason Garrett, who does not have a contract beyond this season, has been asked about Jones’ comments and gave similar answers.

“We just focus on what we need to do to coach and play our best and get ready for this ballgame,” Garrett said Tuesday. “Buffalo’s a good football team, so we’ll just keep our attention right there.”

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