Jennifer Lopez Was Almost Convinced Not to Wear That Iconic Green Versace Dress


The dress that made the world stop.

Jennifer Lopez is taking a walk down memory lane and opening up about the iconic green Versace dress she wore to the 2000 Grammys. Yes, the one that launched Google images and has become part of pop culture history.

Putting it back on people’s radar (not that it ever left our minds, amiright?), the 50-year-old star recently shut down the Versace runway show during Milan Fashion Week wearing an even more dramatic version of the original design.

However, J.Lo reveals she almost didn’t wear “the dress.” Speaking to Vogue, the Hustlers actress recalled that her stylist at the time, Andrea Lieberman, didn’t exactly want her step out on the Grammys red carpet wearing a dress that had already been photographed on Spice Girls’ Geri Halliwell and Donatella Versace herself.

“[Andrea] came with three dresses, which I’m very spoiled now, people come with a thousand dresses when they come to a fitting for me,” she said with a laugh. “That day, there’s two or three dresses, and I’m looking.”

She continued, “I tried on the green one, I came out, everyone was there, glam and everybody, and they were like, ‘That’s the dress.'”

However, J.Lo’s stylist at the time wasn’t part of the crowd cheering on the design for an understandable reason. “Andrea, my stylist, was like, ‘No you can’t wear that.'”

“She was like, ‘No, it’s just that you can’t wear that one. Somebody else has worn it,” the Hustlers actress recalled. “Actually, Donatella herself has worn it. One of the Spice Girls has worn it. Sandra Bullock has worn it in another color.'”

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