Jimmy Fallon surprises 3 University of Texas


immy Fallon stunned three University of Texas at Austin students with a huge surprise.

The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon was filming in Austin at Bass Concert Hall when he called up Texans Alma Zamora, Elizabeth Yun, and Fitzgerald Alan onto the stage.

Fallon had them introduce themselves to the audience and then proceeded to tell them that Samsung had chosen them to win new smartphones and a holiday bundle with a bunch of cool gear.

As the crowd went wild, and the students excitedly processed the news, Fallon decided to show them the camera feature and brought the students in for a selfie.

In the process, Fallon dropped the real bomb.

“Since we’re the Tonight Show and we’re at UT, Samsung wanted to take it up a notch. Listen carefully. Samsung is going to pay for the remainder of your college tuition.”

All three students stood in shock before excitedly hugging one another as confetti and balloons fell from the ceiling.

“Thank God, thank Jesus for everything he has given to me. I really appreciate everything Samsung has brought to the table to help me pay off this tuition.”

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