JoJo Siwa’s Tour Must-Haves Prove She’s Living Any Kid’s Dream


Just because she lives the dream like a candy queen doesn’t mean JoJo Siwa’s tour is filled with sweets.

Earlier today, news broke that 50 new dates were being added to the JoJo Siwa D.R.E.A.M. the Tour in 2020. To celebrate, E! News was able to chat with the singer and dancer to get all the scoop on her shows.

When it comes to must-haves while on the road, the 16-year-old’s list may surprise you.

“On my craft rider is fruit rollups, goldfish, spray cheese, bread and peanut butter and jelly, a fruit tray, a vegetable tray with ranch, two Caesar salads, Gatorade, orange juice, diet coke and water,” she shared with E! News exclusively. “There is always a different kind of chip, cookie and cupcakes. Everything else I don’t really care as long as there is good food.”

And we swear, the Nickelodeon star isn’t picky at all. “The only Gatorade I don’t like is yellow,” she added. “Everything else is pretty chill.”

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