Kelly Clarkson: Mariah Carey was no diva on ‘The Voice,’ suffered with her heeled boots


Kelly Clarkson knows what you are thinking, she’s read the gossip sites.

But Clarkson, 36, insists that Mariah Carey, 48, was so not a diva on “The Voice.” The pop legend Carey was a visiting key adviser during the competition series’ knockout rounds this week.

“Honest to god, I know everyone thinks she was a diva and probably so awkward,” Clarkson tells USA TODAY. “I’ve been doing this show for three seasons. She honestly did her homework, knew the singers, knew the songs and gave solid advice. Everyone was floored. I was floored.”

“She could have have walked in and been a diva and we all would have still worked with that,” she adds.

Clarkson says she admired how Carey worked through the long studio sessions, navigating the tricky stage on the massive boot heels (very much on display in the publicity pictures).

“And she was like, ‘Oh Lord, no one told me, I didn’t know,’ ” Clarkson recalls. “On that stage, you’re up, you’re down, it’s kind of like Catholic services but you’re doing it in heels. And there are these grates. But she was wearing these amazing boots.”

When Clarkson visited the show in past years, the same thing happened to her. She wore big heels. But Clarkson ended up convincing the show’s producers to allow her a change to her comfortable Chuck Taylor sneakers.

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