Kit Harington Cries in the Trailer for Game of Thrones Documentary The Last Watch


Regardless of how you might feel about Game of Thrones at this moment (and it’s OK if you’re not feeling that great about it!), chances are you’re still probably going to tune in to the making-of documentary special, The Last Watch, set to air the week after the HBO drama takes its final bow.

Now, the network has released the first trailer for behind-the-scenes doc, showing us what exactly went into bringing the final season of Game of Thrones to life. And from the looks of the minute-long trailer, Season 8 was full of a lot of long goodbyes and also Kit Haringon occasionally crying.

The two-hour documentary won’t just focus on the actors as they prepare to say goodbye to the characters they’ve played over the last eight seasons, but also on the crew who brought Westeros to life behind the scenes. It’s not a stretch to say that Season 8 is the show’s most ambitious season ever, and the trailer shows us that they actually built many practical sets for Episode 5, “The Bells,” just to see them destroyed. We’ll also see the toll this took on the production crew, as it’s clear creating gigantic set pieces — along with the night shoots needed for “The Long Night” — wasn’t exactly the easiest thing in the world.

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