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Michael Zamora/NPR

As expected, former Vice President Joe Biden took the most blows in Wednesday night’s debate. The front-runner was attacked for his health care plan and his record on criminal justice, women’s rights and the Iraq War. Here are the night’s highlights:

What the is really about
Biden and Booker laws
Protests the night
This was the second of two nights for Democratic presidential hopefuls in Detroit. The next debate is in September.

That’s A Wrap For Tonight
Tonight, the policy debate was less theoretical, and more personal.

That’s a contrast to last night’s clash between the progressives and the centrists in this race and the clear articulation of the divides in the Democratic Party over broad public policy issues, such as health care.

Much of the criticism on Night 2 was directed at Joe Biden. He fended off attacks on health care from Kamala Harris, attacks on gender from Kirsten Gillibrand and attacks on criminal justice from Cory Booker. One side effect of the collective criticism was that Biden spoke more than any candidate tonight or last night:

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