Malia Obama is a video star, makes her debut in indie band’s music video


Malia Obama, the elder daughter of the former president, is supposed to be interested in a Hollywood career once she leaves Harvard, but now she’s made a slight detour: She’s appearing in a music video.

Eight years in the White House spotlight seems to have prepared Obama, 20, to look utterly natural in a new video produced by a Harvard-based indie-rock band called the New Dakotas.

Wearing a knit cap and an over-sized sweater, “playing” a harmonica and bopping around a lot, she rocks out to a tune called “Walking On Air.”

It’s not clear if Malia did this as a favor to friends or she just wanted to add video star to her budding resume.

A spokeswoman for the office of former first lady Michelle Obama declined to comment, as per Mrs. Obama’s usual stance when it comes to her two daughters. (Sasha Obama, 17, is still in high school in Washington where the Obamas live since leaving office in January 2017.)

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