Man charged $68k for ‘most expensive beer in history’ at British hotel bar


Peter Lalor, a cricket writer and beer editor for The Australian newspaper, was on a trip to Manchester, England, covering cricket when he purchased a beer at Malmaison Hotel.

But he didn’t realize how much it might cost: He paid more than $68,000 (AU$99,983.64 to be exact) for an IPA. .

In a Twitter thread, he mused it may have been “the most expensive beer in history.” And by Friday, Lalor told USA TODAY, he hadn’t yet received a refund.

When he paid for the beer, Lalor didn’t have his reading glasses. He signed the bill and said he

didn’t need a receipt.

“Something, however, made me ask ‘how much did I just pay for that beer,'” he wrote. “She checked, covered her mouth, started to giggle and refused to tell me, saying only there had been a mistake and she would fix it.” A manager attempted to issue a refund.

Later, Lalor received a call from his wife. The huge sum had been drained from their bank account with an additional transaction fee of over $1,700 (AU$2,499.59). The fee has since been returned.

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