Many Small Businesses Take DIY Path to Mobile Apps


Nearly half of all the small businesses that participated in a recent survey said they handled their mobile application development in house, in part to cut costs and speed time to deployment.

The results of the study, which The Manifest released on Tuesday, showed that 46 percent of the 350 small businesses polled used in-house staff to develop critical mobile applications in an effort to drive new business.Forty-one percent used freelancers or consultants to develop mobile apps, while 39 percent called on agencies for app development. Thirty-eight percent used DIY application builders with drag-and-drop functionality.

Resource Constraints

“The biggest impediment is almost certainly the resources needed to make a quality mobile app product,” noted Riley Panko, senior writer at The Manifest. “Mobile apps are expensive and time consuming.”The goal of the study was to explore how small businesses — which often have less of a budget or staff than more established competitors — approach application development, according to Panko.App development has become a critical component of many small companies’ business operations in recent years.

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