Martin Solveig says he is ‘especially’ respectful with women. What a twerk


After his embarrassing question to Ada Hegerberg marred Monday’s Ballon d’Or ceremony in Paris, the French DJ didn’t pass up the chance to keep on digging

Enormous commiserations to French DJ Martin Solveig, the latest person to be filmed doing something in public that apparently doesn’t reflect who he is. The this-is-not-who-I-am defence gets a lot of run-outs these days, as cameraphones catch non-racist people being racist on buses, non-homophobic people screaming abuse at gay people outside a nightclub, or any of the other variants that increasingly adorn the age. The point is: this is not who they are.

Very occasionally, the person saying the thing is saying it on a stage, in front of a large audience and multiple television cameras, and is deploying remarks they have worked out in advance. But this, too, is not who those people are.

By way of a recap, let’s journey to Monday night’s Ballon d’Or award ceremony in Paris. As presenter, Solveig was on stage when Lyon’s and Norway’s Ada Hegerberg won the inaugural women’s Ballon d’Or. (Luka Modric picked up the men’s award, while Kylian Mbappé was honoured with a new under-21s prize, the Kopa Trophy.) Alas, no sooner had Hegerberg picked up the trophy than Solveig asked her if she could twerk. When she replied “no” and turned away from the podium, Solveig was shown laughing.

I would say that he engaged in this skit for reasons best known to himself – except it seems Martin doesn’t actually know the reasons why he did this. Indeed, they are not even dimly grasped by him.

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