Meet the new Air Force helicopters that can ‘defy Armageddon’


Ever wonder what would happen to the U.S. leadership and the nuclear missile arsenal if the nation was under attack? New helicopters will take on these two highly dangerous – and incredibly important – missions.

If war breaks out and American home soil is under threat, then the country will be relying on cutting-edge military flying machines that have just been revealed by the U.S. Air Force.

The Air Force is replacing its UH-1N “Huey” helicopter fleet. The iconic Huey is often associated with military missions like search and rescue during its nearly five decades of military service.

The Hueys are used to safeguard America’s intercontinental ballistic missile bases and to take key government leadership to safety, ensuring continuation of governance.

And the Hueys, while widely loved, have been in service for nearly-half of a century.

The stakes for these two missions are gigantic. Should the need arise, then these missions must never fail.

The U.S. Air Force has just revealed the Boeing-Leonardo partnership’s MH-139 as the Huey’s replacement MH-139 is a militarized version of the commercially-available Leonardo Helicopters AW139.

The Boeing-Leonardo team design faced competition from Sierra Nevada Corp’s “Sierra Force” and Lockheed Martin Sikorsky’s Black Hawk approach.

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