Michael Cohen asks federal court to reduce prison sentence


The justice department’s top watchdog Michael Horowitz testified in front of the Senate judiciary committee today. Horowitz reaffirmed his confidence in his team’s report, despite attacks from Donald Trump and Horowitz’s boss, attorney general William Barr, on the report.

Joe Biden’s campaign has been swatting away rumors that Biden has been talking about capping his presidency to one term if elected. Biden said that he has not talked to aides about the matter.

Michael Cohen is asking a federal court for a reduced sentence, citing the help that he has given to federal investigators into Trump’s business activities.

Former FBI employees Peter Strzok and Lisa Page have found themselves in the news again, thanks to constant mentions from Trump and his allies. Last night Trump said that Page had a restraining order against Strzok, which she denied on Twitter. George Conway tweeted that Strzok has a compelling defamation case against the president if he wants one.

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