Midterms: ‘Furious’ Democrats purchase blitz of Facebook ads on Kavanaugh, far outpacing GOP spending


WASHINGTON – A flood of advertising paid for by left-leaning groups opposed to Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation appeared on Facebook in the hours after the Senate voted to put him on the Supreme Court – a blitz that was mostly unmatchedby Republicans, a USA TODAY analysis shows.

In the two days after the Kavanaugh vote, Democratic candidates and groups that lobbied heavily against President Donald Trump’s nominee outspent Republicans by as much asfive to one,and their messages appeared on as many as 4.4 million screens.

The lopsided showing on one of the most popular platforms for digital political advertising comes as both parties seek to use Kavanaugh’s confirmation to energize their voters before next month’s midterm election. The lighter presence for Republican groups may underscore the challenge the GOP will face with weeks to go before voters decide control of Congress.

“People are so mad,” said Liz Jaff, president of Be a Hero PAC, a group launched this year that spent nearly $80,000 on Facebook after the confirmation vote this past weekend. “They’re not going to forget.”

Of roughly 800 Facebook ad placements reviewed by USA TODAY, more than 650 were fundedby groups opposed to Kavanaugh. Those ads, many of which were identical but targeted at different demographic groups, embraced words such as “furious,” “outraged” and “disgusted” to describe the Senate’s vote to confirm Kavanaugh, despite allegations by Christine Blasey Ford that he sexually assaulted her decades ago. Kavanaugh vehemently denied the allegations.

“Republicans voted to confirm Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, even though he is clearly unfit,” read one ad from the liberal group MoveOn.org that crossed as many as 500,000 screens. “This is just the latest example of why we must vote out Donald Trump’s cronies on Election Day.”

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