Mike Pompeo says ‘several’ US citizens killed in Sri Lanka attacks


Thirty-six foreigners were thought to be among those killed in attacks that left at least 207 people dead and 450 injured

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said on Sunday “several” US citizens died in a series of explosions in Sri Lanka that killed at least 207 people and left 450 injured. That toll was expected to rise.

Thirty-six foreigners were reported to be among those killed in attacks which targeted churches and hotels and were thought to have been caused by suicide bombers. No group immediately claimed responsibility. Sri Lankan authorities reportedly arrested 13 people.

In a statement around noon US eastern time, Pompeo said: “While many details of the attacks are still emerging, we can confirm that several US citizens were among those killed. The US embassy is working tirelessly to provide all possible assistance to the American citizens affected by the attacks and their families.”

The Sri Lankan foreign ministry said two US-UK dual nationals, three Britons, one Dutch national, three Indians, one Portuguese, three Danes and two Turks were among the dead.

A spokesperson for the Sri Lankan national hospital said citizens of the US, Denmark, China, Japan, Pakistan, Morocco, India and Bangladesh were among casualties.

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