Miley Cyrus’ Throwback Photo With Hailey Baldwin Will Make Your Day


Miley Cyrus is taking it way, way back.

The “Nothing Breaks Like a Heart” singer posted a series of throwback photos on her Instagram Story on Sunday that sort of feel like something straight out of Inception. She shared pics of herself posing next to Nicki Minaj, hugging Emily Osment, kissing Katy Perrylaughing with Emma Roberts and so much more. The images could give anyone a whopping case of nostalgia.

The photos were all pegged to International Women’s Day, which was Friday. That didn’t stop the 26-year-old singer from publicizing her love for some fellow strong females. Apparently some people left the singer comments about the fact that she was sharing these tributes after International Women’s Day. Others wondered if she was “high or hacked,” but she posted tweet in response that said it all.

“Is it still Women’s Day? Oh wait … that’s EVERY. F—N. DAY!” she wrote next to a gif of her kissing her biceps.

She uploaded a picture of herself and Hailey Baldwinmaking funny faces at the camera. Cyrus’ eyes were closed and she rocked a plaid driver’s cap and black top. Mrs. Justin Bieber stuck her tongue out and the two were clearly in the middle of sharing a huge laugh.

Baldwin shared the same image on her Instagram Story. She wrote, “Oh God” with a bunch of emojis and added “hahaha.”

Their relationship goes back many years because the “Party in the U.S.A.” singer was close friends with Baldwin’s sister, Alaia Baldwin. Although, it turns out that the two of them weren’t always nice to Hailey.

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