NFL free agency preview: Ranking which teams to watch in free agency, from 1-32


Every NFL fan base wants their team to sign every big-name free agent this month. That won’t happen.

Some teams are positioned well to make a huge splash in free agency. Other teams have tended to their roster in other ways and don’t have much cap space left. A few teams have some cap space but generally don’t heavily invest in free agents.

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But there’s plenty of money to be spent and every team has needs. Here’s our rundown of all 32 teams, with their cap space (based on the NFLPA’s public salary cap report as of Wednesday morning — keep in mind those figures will change as teams make cap-related cuts) and biggest needs, ranked by how interesting they will be to watch as we head into what should be a fun free-agency period:

32. Philadelphia Eagles
Cap space: Over the cap by $9.8 million
Biggest need: Offensive tackle

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