Passengers stranded upside down for hours on roller-coaster


A TERRIFYING theme park ride just got even scarier for 64 thrillseekers who were left hanging 30m in the air for up to two hours.

SIXTY-FOUR passengers were left hanging in the air for up to two hours after a roller-coaster made an emergency stop at Universal Studios Japan.

The amusement park said the Flying Dinosaur roller-coaster’s two carriages stalled midway through the 1100m ride, with riders suspended in a flying position about 30m above the ground.The Osaka park, packed with holiday makers during Japan’s “Golden Week” series of holidays, said all of the riders were evacuated safely. The last passenger had to wait two hours before being brought down.

The park apologised and said the problem was caused by a motor-regulating device on the rails.The ride resumed operation after repairs and safety checks. However, many were too scared to get on.“It’s scary to think (about) if we had been on-board. I don’t want to ride it anymore,” one woman visiting the park told the Times.“It’s already a terrifying ride, so I want them to operate it safely,” another woman, who rode the ride shortly before it stalled, said.

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