Perfect crime: The murder mystery which was ‘solved’ on Twitter


IT WAS the murder mystery that was solved on social media and then the police got involved. But there was just one problem.

IT WAS a crime mystery that went viral and gripped a nation — but a murder “solved” by a Twitter user wasn’t all that it seemed.Certainly, the opening post by a user named Mr Brightside made people sit up and take notice.

“Police! I have just resolved a crime via Twitter! You need to deal with it immediately,” Mr Brightside wrote last weekend.“Days ago @jor_g_t died and the case was closed as a suicide, but it was a murder and I can prove it,” he continued. “The killer is in the photo.”Posting the photo in question, Mr Brightside then began to unravel what appeared to be a murder case, over a meticulous series of 100 tweets, the BBC reports.

Based on one picture, Mr Brightside claimed he could prove the death in Barcelona of an acquaintance which had been ruled a suicide was in fact a murder.

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