Portland protests: Police use flashbangs at right-wing rally that drew counter-protesters


A right-wing rally in downtown Portland Saturday that drew a large group of counter-protesters and self-described anti-fascists led to a barrage of flashbangs being deployed in the crowd after rocks and bottles were thrown at police.

The peaceful, right-wing Patriot Prayer rally quickly turned chaotic as the group began to march along the waterfront at Tom McCall park – the site of the rally. Counter-protesters followed, but the two sides were separated by police.

Portland Police said the flashbangs were used to break up a group that threw rocks and bottles at officers dressed in riot gear who were patrolling to keep the protesters separated.

Several people were seen being detained by officers in the aftermath of the flashbangs. A reporter for The Oregonian was injured by one of the projectiles. A photo posted on Twitter shows Eder Campuzano holding his bloodied head.

Campuzano wrote on Twitter that he was “okay” but was getting treated. No other injuries were immediately reported.