Pregnant Ashley Graham Couldn’t Be More Excited After Revealing Her Baby’s Gender


It’s time for the big reveal!

Model Ashley Graham dropped by The Ellen DeGeneres show on Thursday to dish all about her baby on the way. The mom-to-be shared is well into her pregnancy and shared with Ellen DeGeneres that this was her last big trip before the baby arrives. She revealed that she’s doing great, but is so busy she doesn’t have time for naps, so instead she works out.

“I literally flew in and I’m like ‘oh my God I’m exhausted, I just need to take a little nap,’ but I can’t because here I am with you,” she shared. “So I just took the three pound weights and I just started doing weights backstage.” That’s one way to get energy!

Ashley also talked about her digital series Fearless available on Ellentube, and the ways she loves to inspire other women to feel confident to be themselves. Something she also does on her podcast where she plays a game called “Lightning Round” and has guests answer fast questions. Naturally, Ellen decides to put the model in the hot seat this time with her own version of the game.

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