Ranking ‘Toy Story 4’ Villian


Summer is time for popcorn movies and heroes saving the universe on movie screens. But none of this do-gooder stuff would be possible without the evil, scheming villains who devote their lives to serving as worthy screen adversaries.

It’s OK to jeer now.

We’ve already seen a maelstrom of magnificent malefactors this summer and the wickedness is still rising with summer temperatures.

Here are the season’s best villains thus far, ranked by evilness and effectiveness – from the formidable Thanos in “Avengers: Endgame” to creepy Benson in “Toy Story 4.”

And check back, we’ll update as wondrous wrong-doers step forward:

10.Shane (‘A Dog’s Journey’)

Dogs can sniff out a villain a mile off. So little wonder that in “A Dog’s Journey,” beagle Molly bites the leg of bad hombre Shane (Jake Manley). Shane mistreats glorious heroine CJ (Kathryn Prescott), who dumps him. But in a road-rage villain moment, Shane forces CJ’s car to overturn, killing Molly. Then Shane just drives off. So cold.

9. Jafar (‘Aladdin’)

High-cheekboned Marwan Kenzari was dubbed “Hot Jafar” when he was cast in the live-action “Aladdin.” But the Disney hit’s baddie isn’t so much a hottie as a hot-headed powerful sorcerer with perpetually angry eyes, wielding his hypnotizing snake staff for anyone in his path. He’s got plans for ruling Agrabah, marrying Jasmine (no!) and a brutal way of dispatching Aladdin. Excellent. In a musical, however, we really need a Jafar villain song ending in a manical laugh. Nothing.

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