Reporter’s Notebook: ‘Missed opportunity’ for US-North Korea talks during Olympic Games


Ivanka Trump stands for Korean team at Olympic close

The North Korean delegation to the Olympics returned to Pyongyang Tuesday, officially ending this round of sports-related politics aimed at trying to resolve the North Korea crisis.

The question remains: Is either side any closer to a diplomatic gold medal?

“I think there was a missed opportunity here to at least ‘talk about talks’,” former Associated Press Pyongyang bureau chief Jean Lee told Fox News.

Lee was specifically referring to a meeting Vice President Pence was scheduled to have during his visit to the Games, which was abruptly cancelled by the North Koreans. It turned out they reportedly didn’t like the style of Pence’s talk.

There was another uptick of optimism at the end of the Games when visiting North Korea official Kim Yong-chol told South Korean President Moon that Pyongyang remained open to talks with the U.S.
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