Road trips will make up 97% of summer travel


With Fourth of July weekend approaching many people are planning to head out of town. But travel may look different this year due to the pandemic.

While big, crowded cities are usually popular travel spots during the summer time, April Engram from AAA said this summer is different.

“Our number one was always Orlando, Florida but with the travel restrictions and quarantines that have come up in recent times, Denver was number one,” Engram said about the most popular travel destination for this summer.

She said any areas with wide, outdoor space are popular this year.

“A place where you can book a cabin and not be too close to other individuals, go fishing, enjoy the water.”

Instead of getting on a plane or a train, many people are choosing to get in their own cars and take a road trip. Local areas like the Finger Lakes are seeing an increase in travelers, where people can keep their distance but also enjoy the outdoors.

Another perk of road tripping? Engram said gas prices are really low right now, 62 cents lower than last year at this time.

For those who want to travel outside the state, AAA has a COVID-19 travel restriction map so you can see what the regulations are in each state. New Yorkers now have to quarantine for 14 days if they travel to one of 16 states on a list.

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