Robert Kraft’s coronavirus generosity makes him New York family forever


For years, we in New York have been trained to disdain.

Whenever the name Robert Kraft is mentioned, the response of any Jets or Giants fan (well, mostly Jets fans) generally is rooted in derision.

Kraft is the owner of the big, bad, perennial-winner Patriots, who are despised in these parts for the six Lombardi trophies they’ve hoisted in perceived arrogance and for the way they’ve treated the Jets (like bullies treat 98-pound weaklings) for the past two decades.

Today, however, everyone associated with New York, Jets fans or otherwise, should salute the 78-year-old Kraft, who delivered a deed so special in this frightening and uncertain time of the coronavirus crisis that it should never be forgotten.

Not now.

Not the next time the Jets and Patriots play each other, whenever the NFL season starts up.

Not ever.

Kraft and his son, Patriots president Jonathan Kraft, partnered with the state of Massachusetts to purchase 1.4 million N95 masks for his home state. He purchased another 300,000 protective masks for New York State.

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