Ryan Phillippe Reacts to ‘I Know What You Did Last Summer’ Series: Makes Me Feel ‘Ancient’


Ryan Phillippe is rooting for the new I Know What You Did Last Summer reboot — even though it makes him feel very old.

“I’m super excited about the new series and we’re all in support of it. And we’ve contributed a little bit in regards to what they’re doing from a press standpoint,” the actor, 47, exclusively told Us Weekly while promoting Lady of the Manor. “[But] part of it makes you feel ancient. The fact that they’re remaking projects you’ve been in. But also there’s another part of you that is very kind of complimented by it. And the fact that something that you did has stood the test of time and it’s still relevant and people still enjoy it, and it finds a new audience every year, it’s cool.”

Phillippe starred in the 1997 horror flick of the same name alongside Jennifer Love Hewitt, Freddie Prinze Jr. and Sarah Michelle Gellar.

“I’ve seen lots of clips of the movie over the years, but I haven’t really sat down and watched the whole thing in a long, long time,” he noted. “But maybe I will as it gets closer to the new series. I’m excited to see it. I’ve heard it’s really good. I’ve heard the cast is really great. I think Amazon is also doing a Cruel Intention series now, too. So I guess they’re just going to redo my whole catalog.”

The Crash actor played Barry Cox, the boyfriend of Gellar’s Helen Shivers. His character met his fate when he was killed off by Benjamin “Ben” Willis on the balcony of a pageant in a bloody, gut-wrenching (literally) scene.

“I had a thing when I was young, I liked dying in movies. I always thought it was like a completion. It was like you brought this character to the end of their existence,” Phillippe told Us, laughing. “There was something that appealed to me about that. Like similarly, in Cruel Intentions as well. But, it also had sourced material, it was based on a book. And so that character’s fate in the book had to be kind of honored that way. And I think the first one was the best one. So I was fine with having that be my contribution.”

Phillippe recalled how the set had “a good vibe” while filming in Southport, North Carolina. “I remembered getting a rental car stuck on the beach with Sarah Michelle. We went for a joy ride, decided to take my Taurus or whatever it was onto the sand. And we got stuck in a sand dune,” he told Us. “We were all beginning our careers and kind of, you know, in some ways excited to be making a movie. We were in North Carolina at the beach, and we just all got along really well. There was a lot of hanging out and a lot of laughter. It just seems like so long ago.”

The Big Sky actor got battered as Barry, but he’d go on to land much more physically demanding roles.

“The training that I’ve done for some projects has been at times really intense, particularly with Shooter and learning how to be a sniper and working with Marines and being trained by real military soldiers is super exciting and challenging. And I do love the action stuff too,” he told Us. “It takes a toll on you physically, especially as I’m getting older. I mean, after doing an action scene, if you’re doing your own stunts, you have real bruises and cuts and injuries to recover from. But there’s part of me that’s excited by that too. I would say doing an episode of Shooter was sort of like playing a football game. I knew at the end of it I’d be bruised and battered and I need to recover at the end of the season. But you enjoy that struggle too. And then to kind of push [yourself] physically is exciting.”

Amazon’s I Know What You Did Last Summer debuts on October 15.

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