Sample classic Cuban cuisine on a food tour of Miami’s Little Havana neighborhood


When visitors think about the food Miami is famous for, Cuban is at the top of the list – and the biggest concentration of Cuban restaurants and businesses is in the neighborhood known as Little Havana. The food here is delicious and varied, but choosing can be hard. That’s the beauty of the field trips offered by Miami Culinary Tours, a specialist in all things local and edible (long rated No. 1 in the city by TripAdvisor, and in 2018, the fifth-best food experience in the world).

These days just about every sizable city has food tour offerings – often on foot, sometimes by shuttle bus, sometimes by public transportation – and I’ve done them from New Orleans to Montreal to Tokyo. But Little Havana really lends itself to tours because it is such a compact, diverse and colorful neighborhood, easily explored on foot but full of hidden gems.

This tour stops at both classic and modern eateries, a market where visitors might otherwise miss out on an especially tasty experience, an art gallery doubling as boutique bar, and a cigar factory. Visitors will also take in colorful murals and neighborhood institutions like Maximo Gomez Park, where locals play dominoes with unexpected fervor. In the process you see things you likely would miss on your own, and learn the cultural stories behind the food. Our guide was very informed – she previously lived in Cuba.

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