Should teams keep a backup quarterback in quarantine?


In recent years, plenty of teams haven’t kept a third quarterback on the roster. This year, there’s potential value in keeping an extra quarterback off the roster.

The issues and uncertainties arising from the coronavirus pandemic include the possibility that, out of nowhere, the starting quarterback will test positive and, in turn, be instantly quarantined. So what if, before the starting quarterback tests positive, he infects the backup quarterback?

And if there’s a third quarterback who is regularly practicing or meeting with the rest of the team, what if he’s infected, too?

Even though the players on the team who continue to test positively toward negative would still be eligible to practice and play, it would be very difficult to win without a quarterback on the roster.

So how about this idea, which is based on a question from a reader named Wayne: Every franchise would have a quarterback under contract who is kept away from the team entirely and completely until a need for his services arises.

It makes plenty of sense for every team to have, essentially, a quarantined quarterback. Someone who is part of the team but not part of the team. Someone who is generally isolated from society in the event that the worst-case scenario happens for a given team’s depth chart.

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