Steph Curry and family put on show, highlighted by mom’s halfcourt shot, while giving back


No matter what Steph Curry does in the the NBA All-Star Game on Sunday night, it’ll be hard to top what his mother did here Friday.

In a packed gymnasium at Carole Hoefener Center, in front of Charlotte’s mayor and North Carolina’s governor, Sonya Curry hit a halfcourt shot to win a family shootout.

When the basketball she flung with her right hand – almost like a bowling ball – fell through the hoop, Sonya Curry raced around the court and broke into a frenzied dance before accepting a championship belt.

What did Steph Curry have to say about his mom’s feat during a contest that included four teams that also featured Steph Curry’s brother, Seth, a sixth-year NBA player; and their father, Dell, the former NBA standout who retired in 2002 as the highest-scoring player in Charlotte Hornets’ history?

“I don’t know know because I was too busy running around,’’ Sonya Curry told USA TODAY Sports with a smile. “I haven’t even talked to him about the shot yet.’’

The Curry family gathered Friday to celebrate their refurbishing of the community center in honor of their Charlotte roots at the same time the All-Star Game is being played here. With support from partners such as Under Armour, Chase and the NBA Players Association Foundation, the project includes a computer lab, a new STEM education space and new locker rooms, along with the refurbished indoor gym and the “Curry Court,” as the basketball court has been named.

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