Supreme Court nominee short list features candidates President Trump likes for different reasons


President Trump says he met with four potential Supreme Court Justice candidates on Monday as he works to fill the spot vacated by Justice Anthony Kennedy. He spoke alongside the Dutch Prime Minister, who was visiting the White House.

WASHINGTON — President Trump says he likes all of his potential Supreme Court nominees.

Aides and advisers say he likes them for different reasons.

As Trump approaches Monday’s announcement of his nominee to replace Justice Anthony Kennedy, aides and advisers say the president is weighing different factors for different candidates.

Perhaps the biggest factor: The degree of difficulty for Senate confirmation.

“He needs to produce a nominee who is hard to criticize on objective grounds,” says David Lat, founder of the legal website Above The Law, who is in contact with officials involved in the process.

Here’s a scorecard of pluses and minuses for the people on the president’s short list:

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