The 10 Best Travel Insurance Companies


TRAVEL INSURANCE HELPS you protect the financial investment you made in your vacation, whether you booked a tropical cruise or a sightseeing trip to a far-flung land. Though purchasing travel insurance coverage is optional, it does help you avoid losing money on prepaid travel expenses if your travel plans go awry.

Many credit cards do offer some sort of travel insurance coverage, but it’s important to note that credit card travel insurance rarely includes medical or dental coverage, or emergency evacuation coverage – three of the most important and protective types of travel insurance. With that in mind, you should be wary of relying solely on credit card coverage unless you know for sure what is included.

Before you put down a large sum of money on a family trip, an educational journey or a dream vacation you’ve been planning for years, consider buying a travel insurance policy that can reimburse you if your plans fall apart. You can purchase robust policies that cover pretty much anything you can think of – and even policies that let you cancel your trip for any reason at all. You can also purchase basic travel insurance policies that cover the main components of your trip like your airfare or cruise fare for a low overall cost.