The 10 cities with the best public transportation


When exploring a new city, you can save money and get around like the locals by relying on public transit – but in some places that’s easier than others. Cities with the best public transportation have networks that cover all the neighborhoods you want to see, with reliable, frequent service at an affordable price. The ideal public transit system is also easy for visitors to use, with features like color-coded subway lines and signs in multiple languages. The 10 cities below offer some of the best public transportation in the world.


Tokyo’s subway map looks impossibly complex at first glance, especially because the trains are operated by multiple companies. Fortunately, the system is easier to use than it appears: When you buy a reloadable card (such as Suica or Pasmo), you can use it on any train or bus, regardless of which company operates it.


The venerable subway system in Paris – with its distinctive art deco-style Metropolitain signs marking many of the stations – has been carrying visitors and locals across the city since 1900. Its color-coded lines are easy to navigate, and the organization that operates the Metro, RATP, offers an app that works offline to help visitors find their way around.

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