The 20 Best Places for a Big Trip in 2020


Now more than ever, where you choose to travel, and why, makes an impact. Your PTO may be finite, but your vacation options are about as long as the menu at The Cheesecake Factory. Flights, particularly international ones, have never been cheaper. Doors between cultures have been flung open. The world, as they say, is your oyster.

Lest you become paralyzed by too many choices, or fail to come up with a more compelling reason to visit a place beyond just Instagramming something, we went ahead and did all the work for you. First, we looked for places where 2020 would be a banner year: a total solar eclipse in the most magical landscape on Earth, a monumental anniversary, a once-in-a-lifetime global event in the name of sustainability and innovation. This train only stops once, folks, so you better be on it.

We wanted something for everyone, in (almost) every part of the world — from the ideal, shoes-off Mexican beach town to Europe’s new Cool Kid capital to the ultimate Patagonian road trip. We looked for world-class food, history, and architecture, aka the good stuff. More than anything, we looked for places on the brink of change, whether it be more visitors, more development, or a new generation taking the reins. Most imperative is the progress being made in the conservation department, and how you, responsible traveler, can support and engage with communities taking real steps toward a more sustainable planet.

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