‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ Franchise Disappointed Andrew Garfield: Here’s Why


There’s Tobey Maguire’s classic take on Peter Parker. Then there was Andrew Garfield’s turn as the web-slinger, and finally Tom Holland’s ongoing run as Tony Stark’s protege. In short, many actors have taken on the beloved Spider-Man.

Though we’ve seen a few different incarnations of the character, not every Spidey actor boasts the most positive experience. For one, Andrew Garfield came to The Amazing Spider-Man franchise all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, but he left “heartbroken.” During an interview with Amy Adams for Variety’s Actors on Actors, Garfield explained why, as a fan of the character, he felt betrayed as the series progressed.

Andrew Garfield on Marvel’s ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ franchise

While working on Spider-Man, Andrew Garfield was still a bit new to the showbiz world, and likely a bit naive. In short, the value placed on money, often over character and narrative, was likely not a challenge he had come to personally confront. Yet, Spider-Man would change that. He learned while working on The Amazing Spider-Man that the “top of the priority list” is not always what you want it to be — the art itself. He explained to Amy Adams:

I found that really, really tricky. I signed up to serve the story, and to serve this incredible character that I’ve been dressing as since I was three, and then it gets compromised and it breaks your heart, he said. I got heartbroken a little bit to a certain degree.

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