The best and worst Matthew McConaughey movies, definitively ranked


The filmography of Matthew McConaughey includes the good, the bad and the alright, alright, alright.

The 50-year-old Oscar winner (and new Instagrammer) has had a career that refuses to be pigeonholed: There are plenty of shirtless tanned dudes, for sure, but then McConaughey will whip out some dark indie role that shows the depth of his soul. Those almost make up for his long string of ridiculous romantic comedies. (Almost.)

McConaughey’s latest takes him to the other side of the pond for an action-packed crime comedy: In director Guy Ritchie’s “The Gentlemen” (in theaters Friday), he stars as the American head of a vast English marijuana empire who brings out all manner of goon, crook and gangland upstarts when he tries to get out of his lucrative drug business.

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It’s just one more interesting jaunt for a film career that’s been full of big swings (and quite a few whiffs). Here’s how “The Gentlemen” ranks among McConaughey’s best and worst films, starting with the bad:

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